Secret Shopping

Welcome to Secret Shopping, the company offering mystery shopper jobs and services across the UK. Working with us couldn’t be easier, simply visit the apply page if you wish to become a secret shopper or the services page if you would like to hire our undercover workers.

Mystery Shopper Company

For any business, research is key to making sure you’ve got a hungry consumer-base and sustainable business model. However, it’s important to keep up that research even afterwards to check for changes in trends and most importantly, to ensure customer satisfaction is at the highest level. Repeat custom is one of most beneficial aspects in any business and this is what you can measure and learn from hiring a mystery shopping company like ours!

Knowing from an impartial view that your customers are happy and receiving the best service from your employees is something that is so valuable to ensure your business thrives. It’s easy to be blinded by transactions but really, it’s just as important for the life of the business to ensure that those customers are going to come back time and time again. A mystery shopper company can help deliver tangible results in order to know that you’re doing the very best and are bringing consistent results.

Aside from asking for surveys, which could be tarnished from one bad response, it’s difficult to understand exactly what is going on in the minds of your customers. With a mystery shopper company, you can test the service your customers get compared to your competitors’, and how they are treated and how much trust they have in your company. It’s not only the customer service side of things, but you can also check on security, which of your staff deserve rewards and promotions, are standards being met or exceeded, and is your company compliant with the relevant laws?

Mystery Shopper Jobs

For anyone looking for part-time work that pays well, is intriguing and offers a chance to make a big impact, mystery shopper jobs are ideal. There are many vacancies open around the country and beyond, which need third-party secret shoppers to relay information back to the company about their customer experiences. There are even mystery shopper jobs available for flights, in restaurants, supermarkets and large businesses.

For the company involved, it brings impartial, accurate and instant results. The results can be analysed to show whether there are staff that need extra training, should be rewarded and whether all of the company standards are being met. This level of feedback is exceptionally valuable to a business and that’s why it’s possible to make a good income from being a mystery shopper. What’s more, the positions are free and do not require a subscription to be on the books. There is usually a questionnaire and possibly an interview, and then when secret shopper jobs are available, you simply confirm and go and do it. It’s that simple!

Once you are registered with a mystery shopper company, you are added to the database and if your profile matches what a client wants, then you’re offered the assignment. Each assignment will vary depending on the client and what they want to focus on. Having a proactive attitude is required, as you will be required to prompt reactions and service from the staff, as well as jot down mental notes about what is going on around you. In some cases, you might be required to undergo training for higher paid and more exclusive secret shopper assignments. As you can see, it’s an exciting job.